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It is difficult to say, how many cities in the world would boast such restaurant varieties and such colourful restaurant history as Lviv has. Austrian-Hungarian Lemberg, Polish Lwów, or either Soviet Lvov – whatever epoch dominated in the city of coffee and rains, Lviv was always famous by its comfortable coffee-houses and refined restorants. The proprietors of most popular establishments do accents not so much on quality of meal (it goes without saying!but more on an interesting pastime.That point along with exquisit interiors,and successful choice of place remain a main trump of any prominent Lviv restaurants.

Gentle attitude toward a client, a home atmosphere and refined interior - here the basic attributes of outstanding Lviv restaurants, that Lviv has quite a bit . The city guests are encouraged to visit even one of such establishments not only and not so much for the sake of stomach, as for the soul...


The list above does not pretend to be complete but may be helpful for couisine conosseurs and thise who look for good places with local colour.




Summer terrace

    The restaurant is located inthe historical corner near the Citadel park and scientific library. Its name have remained from its glorious past - a fervor and exemplary neat.  A little orchestra used to entertaint the wealthy guests at summer terrace.  Nowadays this is illustrated by musical scores on the reataurant pattio walls.


    The time has changed the restaurant image and now it looks like an appartment of the pre-war Lviv intelligent. Lots of  antique staff adorn the restaurants interior. nother attraction is a splendid view from the summer terrace, espeialy in the evening. If Restaurant interioryou are lucky to reserve the table next to the sreet - from the ekevation you can enjoy a marvelous view with the illuminated TV tower, and old vity streets. Looks like a small Paris.


    If the wehter is good that spot may seem to be the most romantic corner in Lviv city. The orders are well served following the bon tone rules and dillegent waiters will do their best to make the visit to thCupola restaurant pleasent and unforgettable.  . ( 5 ), .

Chaikovski st.; tel.: (0322) 261-44-54, 261-44-82





Restaurant,summer terrace. A large plus is a comfortable location in old part of city  on crossing of main city tour ways. So the prices are appropriate. Good manners of waitors and decent service can compensate everything. A hall is small. Kitchen – durable European and meals are served so far by generous portions. Among the restaurant menu it is possible to find such pearls, as "food of Amadeus restauranthungry man" (it is recommended to order one portion for two), and also classical French onion soup (prepared on white wine and served delicious toast with cheese).


For example similar restaurants are often met in Poland in old quarters. A restaurant  is almost never overcrowded (another good point if you like privacy meetings with no noise around).  The majority of visitors are foreigners. Musicians play in the evening. From the opened gallery there is a remarkable view on Roman Catholic Cathedral and the Boims Chapel.


address: Catedralna sq, 7. /  tl. (032) 297-80-22 ;    10:00-23:00





«Ukrainian cuisine - european service» — such motto meets visitors at that restaurant located right at old Market square among multiple historical and architectural monuments. The Restaurational establishment in this place Centaur restaurant interiorreceives visitors for over 160 years. At the same time it is absolutely new restaurant (according the atmoshere, service, kitchen and general conception), that organically matches the surrounding area of old city districts, attracting visitors by the stylishly decorated summer terrace.


A large sign at the reflects the restaurant name. The facade of house from the side Krakivska street  is even adorned with sculptural image of centaur holding beer mug in its hand.  Comfortable, neat  restaurant interiors and pleasent melodious music create a positive atmosphere.



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