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It is the heart of Old Lviv, being at the same time e source of multiple scenic views and historical impressions. The vicinity of the city hall includes many beautiful buildings from the 16th century, among them numerous museums.
The Armenian community, one of the oldest in Lviv, had formed over a period of many years a centre for its national life in Lviv. Its unique architecture portrays the original spirit of this Eastern Christian culture.
The street displays the remnants of the city fortifications. It has a lot of splendid viewpoints and relics of the past. The quarter around is second after Market square by concentration of historical and architectural objects.
Lviv's main street with wide, chestnut-lined esplanade, which is usually crowded with strollers and lined with packed benches, some with chess matches going on that never fail to attract spectators...
The perfect place for enjoying the view of the old town from the hight of a green hill north of the centre. Cozy park and ruins of the historic castle are is a good supplement for a visitor.

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