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Tours and sightseeing programs in/around Lviv



On this page you can find the most popular private guided tours in Lviv and its surroundings.


Best of Lviv Tour


Our most popular Best of Lviv Tour is especially designed for people limited on the sightseeing time in Lviv, but who don't want to miss a single thing while they're here! This tour combines all the other introductory tours, yet in a relaxed way. You will see and learn about all the major sights of ancient Lviv.     See details

Armenian street in Lviv


That is the classical walking tour which features the highlights of Lviv Old Town. The tour is a great choice for those who like the relics of old times, legends  and historical puzzles, the bucket of diverse epochs and architectural styles.     see details

Lviv by night tour


Some people say that Lviv is even more charming at night than during daytime for several reasons: the crowds of milling tourist and locals are gone and the most beautiful monuments are nicely illuminated. A walk across the medieval streets and squares of Lviv with the view of illuminated monuments of the Old Town will definitely become an unforgettable experience.  see details


Lviv wine tour


The tour gets acquainted with Lviv wines in the historical  and practical sense. The tourists learn a lot of interesting facts about local wines, interesting wine related stories that happened in Lviv city, traditions of local wine consumption etc. The wine route passes through streets and squares, yards and restaurants etc. The program consists of the tour itself and wine tasting in the beautiful spots of Lviv Old Town.   see details


Pototski Palace interior


The tour features most interesting and  beautiful city interiors which hide some secrets,and nice decor. The route is wining along the premises with different outlook, but each would have some special story and unique decorative entourage. There will be trade hall and work studio, aristocratic palace and cellars, gelleries and courtyards, burger`s salloon and  places for entertainment. That is the world of old wooden floors and refined staircases, beautiful window frames, rich moulding, exquisite chandeliers, and stylish old furniture.  The trip enables to feel the sents of old Lviv in full sense of the word and get acquainted with interesting stories hidden inside Lviv buildings.    see details

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