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PLAI Tour Studio offers a wide range of travel servives in Lviv and Ukraine.


City Tours in Lviv and Western Ukraine


Sightseeing Tours In Lviv & Western Ukraine

The "PLAI" Tour Studio focuses on different sightseeing tours around Lviv and its surroundings. We provide services for organized  tour groups and indvidual tourists. Having a creative approach to our bussiness we treat tours and travel programs as a sort of art. . Amoung our offers there are both classical and a lot of specialized and topical tours for any age and interests. Many of our programs are innovations at Lviv's tour market.    more details


Car/van tours, transfers, door-to-door transportation in Lviv and Ukraine


  Transfers, English Speaking Drivers/Guides, Car/Van Tours in Lviv & Ukraine

Our friendly English speaking drivers/guides will help you with any kind of transfer, arrange car sightseeing programs in Lviv and Western Ukraine. You can  enjoy a venture into the Ukrainian countryside or have door-to-door transportation from/to any Ukrainian city accompanied by countryside information.

Our drivers/guides will also help to make your trip to Lviv and Ukraine flexible and up to your tastes and interesests. They are able to provide additional services en route: interpreting, assistance in finding encestral places, etc.     more details

 Cuidine tours

Cuisine Tours

 PLAI Tour Studio offers a variety of cuisine tours in Lviv and Western Ukraine. The clients can get acquainted with traditions of famous local cuisine from home made food up to the refined restaurant options. We arrange coffee, beer and wine tours, master-classes of Ukrainian and local cuisine. We offer also a set of  specialty lunches and dinners with historical shows in retro and medieval style. 

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Cultural programs, historical shows in retro and medieval styles

Historical Perfomances, Shows and Entertainment 

PLAI Tour Studio arranges diverse historical shows and speciiallty cultural events for organized groups; medieval shows, corporative rest programs, wedding parties, knighthood tournaments, master-classes of medieval cuisine and medieval dances, historical camplife activities, concerts of old music (medieval, renneisance, retro), fire shows, historical perfomances in Old Town quarters, castles, palaces, other historical places of interest.

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